Noah Lyon at – Art | Basel | Miami Beach – 2011

Announcements, shows — Noah Lyon on November 29, 2011 at 8:50 am

– invitational charity event.

Curated by Paul Weston and DB Burkeman – 75 Incredible visual communicators from
around the globe have created an intimate, same size, black and white sticker.

An exhibition will debut 11/29/11 in Miami at the Wynwood Walls.
Produced for the project will be a video, sticker packs, book and 25 signed black books.
Proceeds from the benefit will go to Acceptance House, a drug rehab facility in Miami.
This is our way of giving back to the locals who are ignored or exploited by the
decadence brought to Miami during Art Basel and the surrounding fairs.


Matthew Abbott
Tony Arcabascio
Michael Betancourt
Michael Bevilacqua
Kelie Bowman
David Henry Brown Jr
Jason Alexander Byers
Travis Cain
Adrian Carroll
Ain Cocke
Nate Danilowicz
Dave Denis
Rachel Domm
Brendan Donnelly
Stanley Donwood
Alex Eagleton
Shepard Fairey
C. Finley
Richard Gamble
Carin Goldberg
Marc Grubstein
Karen Heagle
Erin Rachel Hudak
Cody Hudson
Paul Insect
Jo Jackson
Chris Johanson
Daniel Joseph
Mel Kadel
Joon Mo Kang
Mike Lash
Hye Rim Lee
Jennifer Lew
Brian Lightbody
Anthony Lister
Noah Lyon
Print Mafia
Kelly Mark
David McBride
Matthew McGuinness
Travis Millard
Kenzo Minami
Joe Heaps Nelson
John Odom
Senem Oezdogan
Frank Olinsky
Nice One
Leif Parsons
Brian Ponto
James Powers
Brian Rea
Kenny Scharf
Koji Shimizu
STMN+Young Kim
Felix Sockwell
Shane Swank
The Designers Republic
The London Police
Rick Valicenti
James Victore
James Walton
Tim Noble / Sue Webster
Paul Weston
Glenn Wexler

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