Doctor Ninja – Wheelchair 500 Megamix‏

Doctor Ninja (Anarcho Turntablist Syndicate) – wheelchair 500 live 45 minute turntable psych megamix ( a nonstop live remix of the Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records & Tapes 500th release). Retard Riot Re:cdr #003 / Wheelchair Full of Old Men. Featuring sounds from Sockeye, Fossil Fuel, Kill The Hippies, Breathilizor, You-Bilee, The Lettuce Vultures, Cauliflower Ass And Bob, ZATH, Olson, Quackadero, Crippled Masters, Smash and Save, Chopping Block, Tough Skins, Punch People, The TV Watchers, Lead Paint Zeppelin, Barnacle Beak, That One Band, and Boy In Love;

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